Professor Accreditation

The docente body of PGAli is made up of qualified professionals with a PhD, a free professor or equivalent in the area of Food Science, Food Science and Technology, or similar areas. The accreditation and re-accreditation of professors will depend on the evaluation of a Commission and/or of the Program's Collegiate Body, and will be subject to the requirements of Resolution No. 01 and the Program's Internal Regulations, of the General Regulation of Postgraduate Courses at UFBA, and others relevant legislations.

For the purposes of accreditation/re-accreditation, professors will be classified as:

  • Permanent;
  • Collaborators;
  • Visitors.

For accreditation:

  • The candidate for accreditation will be required to have the title of Doctor and a minimum scientific production totaling 200 (two hundred) points in the area of Food Science at CAPES in the period of 3 (three) years immediately prior to the request for accreditation, linked to the Concentration area and the line (s) of research in which it operates (A1, A2, A3 and A4), according to the CAPES Periodical Classification Table;
  • Including at least 3 (three) articles in journals indexed with Impact Factor (JCR) inserted in the range A1-A4;
  • Books or book chapters published by the teacher are considered equivalent to publications in journals, provided that they are published by a recognized publisher in the area where the program operates, or by 2 similar scientific associations, the work being referenced through ISBN;
  • This equivalence also applies to patent applications required in the Program's area of operation.
  • For re-accreditation:
  • All permanent professors and program participants must apply for re-accreditation in the program every 04 (four) years, counting from their date of accreditation or last re-accreditation;
  • For the re-accreditation, the intellectual production in the last 3 (three) years will be evaluated by the teachers according to CAPES evaluation criteria.