Regular student:

The Selection Process of the Postgraduate Program in Food Science consists of knowledge exams in English (Eliminatory/Classificatory); defense of the research draft (Classificatory); and analysis of the curriculum vitae Lattes/academic history (Classificatory). The vacancies are distributed among the research lines of "Food Quality Control" and "Innovation and Development of Products and Processes”. Those with higher education diplomas in Pharmacy, Nutrition, Biology, Biotechnology, Food Engineering, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy, Chemistry or any other related field may enroll in the selection process.
  • Number of places offered in the Master's/Year: 26
  • Number of vacancies offered in the Doctorate/Year: 16
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Special student:

The Postgraduate Program in Food Science admits special students, preferably enrolled in Postgraduate Courses from other Institutions and at the discretion of the Course Collegiate, considering the availability of vacancies and the consent of the professor responsible for the discipline.
For more information, access:Link to the Internal Regulations of the Graduate Program in Food Science