Teaching Internship

The Postgraduate Program in Food Science (PGAli) gives students the opportunity to participate in the teaching internship program, with the purpose of contacting and improving teaching activities. The training is carried out in the curricular components related to the area of food science, offered every six months to the undergraduate course in Pharmacy, under the supervision of the professor responsible for the discipline.

General provisions

The teaching internship is an integral part of the postgraduate student's training, aiming at preparing for teaching, qualifying undergraduate education, being mandatory activity according to the following criteria:
  • The activity is mandatory for both academic levels (Master/Doctorate);
  • The minimum duration of the teaching internship will be one semester;
  •  If the postgraduate student proves teaching activity, submitted to the Collegiate of PGAli, he will be exempt from the activity at any level;
  • IThe activities of the teaching internship must be compatible with the research area in the postgraduate program, carried out by the postgraduate student.