The Postgraduate Program in Food Science (PGAli) has an excellent infrastructure for Teaching, Research, Extension & Innovation. Currently, all supervisors of the program have physical infrastructure and equipment to carry out their projects. This infrastructure was systematically assembled by raising funds from development agencies, such as FAPESB, CNPq, CAPES, FINEP/UFBA and Banco do Nordeste. The development of students' research projects is mainly carried out in 11 (eleven) laboratories at the Faculty of Pharmacy and 4 (four) laboratories at the UFBA School of Nutrition, in addition to the laboratories of the Department of Technology/Food Engineering at the State University of Feira Santana/UEFS. Both UFBA Units and UEFS Unit have a laboratory complex where other lines of research are developed, but they also constantly support the development of PGALi projects.

Laboratory for Research and Analysis of Food and Contaminants (LAPAAC)

Area of approximately 60 m2, 2 freezers; 3 tube shakers; 2 heaters; 2 pH meters; 2 analytical scales; blender; water bath with timer; warming blanket; 2 greenhouses; water activity meter; analytical balance; chapel; laminar flow hood; 3 refrigerators; 2 electrophoresis devices, low pressure chromatography system, High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC); texturometer; pump vacuum; centrifuge; 2 spectrophotometers; UV chamber; ultrasound bath; fluorimeter for mycotoxins with sample homogenizer, vacuum centrifugal concentrator system and accessories, in addition to other accessories.

Laboratory of Fish and Applied Chromatography (LAPESCA)

Area of 100 m2, has HPLC-UV-vis-IR with oven, degasser, binary pump, automatic injector and fraction collector, 2 GC-FID one has ECD, GC-MS with Headspace, TG hyphenated to GC-MS, 2 UV-Vis spectrophotometers, 2 viscometers, 2 refrigerated centrifugal ultrasound, among others. Universal machine for mechanical testing of films, Milli-Q water purifier, water distiller, ultra freezer (-70 ° C), freeze dryer, nitrogen determiner, analytical scales, infrared scale, water activity meter, thermostatic baths, ultrasound, rotary evaporator, fume hoods, vacuum pumps, refrigerators, freezers, among others.

Sensory Analysis Laboratory

Area of 80m2, with granite countertops and individual cabins that meet the current regulations. In this environment there are also granite side benches and sinks with tap, wall and floor cabinets, refrigerator, freezer, digital scale, microcomputer with printer and Konica Minolta portable colorimeter.

Food Microbiology Research Laboratory

Area of 80 m2, has 2 BOD greenhouses, ultrafrezzer, UV laminar flow cabin, drying and sterilization oven, infrared sterilization device, sample homogenizer, microwave oven, bacteriological oven, 2 refrigerators, 2 scales analytical, UV-vis, densimeter, colony counter, microscopes, autoclave and other equipments.

Bromatology Laboratory

Area of 80m2 has a protein determinant, soxlet, muffles, spectrophotometers, analytical scales, electron microscopes, stereoscopic magnifiers, chapels, freezer, refrigerators, greenhouses, and other accessories.

Clinical, Environmental and Occupational Toxicology Laboratory

Area of 70 m2, has a sample preparation room for metal analysis, analytical instrumentation room, 2 exhaust hoods, Milli-Q ultra-pure water system, analytical balance, agitators, centrifuge, thermostated water bath, refrigerators and freezer, pH meter, heating plate. Atomic absorption system (Varian, Agilent) with automatic sampler and Spectra 55A flames. CLAE system equipped with UV/vis and fluorescence detector, with automatic sampler.

Laboratory for Microbiological Quality Control of Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Household Products

Area of 80m2 has a laminar flow hood, 2 bacteriological culture greenhouses, 2 sterilization greenhouses, autoclave, refrigerators, precision and semi-analytical scales, water bath, colony counters, binocular microscope, vortex mixers, pump vacuum, spectrometers, and complementary accessories.

Food Microbiology Extension Laboratory

An area of 120 m2 has infrastructure and equipment for microbiological quality control of food, air in acclimatized environments, cooling ducts, surfaces, utensils and equipment from industries, restaurants, and the community in general. Counting analyzes of mesophilic, psychrophilic and thermophilic bacteria, molds and yeast, Total and fecal coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Sulphite-reducing Clostridia, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Vibrio parahaemolytices, Enterococos, Listeria monocytogenes, among others that are carried out in the provision of services.

Laboratory of Applied Analysis and Biomaterials and Innovation (LAPBIM)

It has 2 bioreactors (3.0 and 5 L), 1 AX plastic mini extruder with double screw blowing, greenhouses for bacteriological and drying culture, shaker-cooled incubator, shakers (2 shaker-cooled incubators), freeze dryer, autoclaves, centrifuge with refrigeration, thermostatic baths, ultrasound, rotary evaporators, fume hoods, analytical scales, vacuum pumps, a climate chamber with humidity and temperature control, DBO incubator, laboratory cryogenic mill, intensive mini mixer and other accessory equipment.

Food Technology Laboratory

It has a texturometer, colorimeter (HunterLab), freeze dryer, water activity analyzer, water bath with refrigeration, digital micrometers, refrigerated greenhouses with ventilation, greenhouses with ventilation and air renewal, vacuum oven, drying and sterilization oven, water bath, Abbe refractometer, pH meter, portable digital thermometers, ultrasound bath, vacuum pump, magnetic stirrers, mechanical stirrers, semi-analytical balance.

Molecular Biology

It has a photo-documenter, 2 PCR thermocyclers, electrophoresis vats, UV laminar flow cabin, ultrafrezzer, real-time PCR, pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) device, pH meters, ultracentrifuges, centrifuges, analytical scales, magnetic stirrers, refrigerators, automatic pipetters, in addition to accessory equipment.

Food Biochemistry Laboratories/Food Quality Control Laboratory

It has nitrogen distiller, Fricheck, colorimeter, rancimat, gas chromatography system, lipid extractor of the soxhlet type, 3 vertical autoclaves, 2 refrigerators with glass door, microcentrifuge, shaker bench incubator, 2 BOD type stoves, sample homogenizer, analytical balance, semi-analytical balance, vacuum and air compression pump, laminar flow hood, micropipetizers, among others.

Atomic Absorption Laboratory

It has Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, High Efficiency Liquid Chromatography System (HPLC), with diode array, UV-Vis and fluorescence detectors, which allow the determination of vitamins, pigments, among others.

Polymeric Materials Engineering Laboratory (LEMPo)

Area of 54 m2, with viscometer (Cannon Fenske Schott), refrigerator, Thermostatic bath (0 to 100ºC), sterilization oven, microorganisms growth oven up to 60 ºC, colorimeter, coaxial cylinder viscometer (above 100 CP) RVDV-H +, DSD system (Perkin-Elmer / model DSC-4), semi-analytical balance, optical microscope, mass spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, FTIR, UV-visible spectrophotometer (Cary 1E Varian).

Analytical Center at the Chemistry Institute of UFBA

It has DRX, FTIR, and DSC.